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Product Trade Fair

En del av en produktmässa i hyllor

Anybody who has tried to find linseed-oil paint, lime mortar, handmade bricks, used building materials or beautiful wooden windows with good quality wood knows how difficult it can be. We have a whole showroom with sustainable products, tips and advice.

The Product Trade Fair shows a selection of materials and manufacturers that we recommend. There are stands with information and products from around 40 companies. You can find inspiration, craftsmen, manufacturers and retailers.

We try to bring in new companies the product exhibition centre to achieve more variation and show innovations in building preservation. There are only a few stands every year that change hands, however, because they are very much in demand.

We like to describe the Product Trade Fair as a showroom for small businesses in building preservation and crafts, and it gives them a chance to be seen rather than disappearing among direct mail from the large manufacturers.



Do you have any more questions about the Product Trade Fair or individual products, or are you interested in renting a stand? Contact Chico Hovedskov who is in charge of the trade fair.

Updated: 2018-03-19 16:08