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About Slöjd & Byggnadsvård

Welcome to our forum, which includes exhibitions, a specialist library, courses, a shop, free advice and more. For those who are interested in crafts, building history, trades, durable materials and so on, we have a huge bank of resources.

Shared knowledge is double knowledge

We have been at Nääs in the municipality of Lerum since 1990, when the doors were opened to Byggnadsvård Nääs - the first building preservation centre in Sweden. In cooperation with Slöjd i Väst (Crafts in West Sweden) the organisation evolved and in 2011 we changed the name to Slöjd & Byggnadsvård, (Crafts & Building Preservation). We now run a resource centre for both crafts and building preservation.

We want to develop crafts and building preservation as an industry, a cultural heritage and a mediator of knowledge regarding integrated conservation of the built environment. The point of departure is our cultural heritage in combination with sound, sustainable materials that have stood the test of time and are still among the best you can choose. 

We can put you in contact with skilled craftsmen and help you find building and craft materials that larger shops do not even know of. Feel the wool and flax seals in the exhibition, read about felting and clay daubing in the library, buy carding combs and linseed oil paint in the shop or learn about window renovation and needle felting on one of our courses.


A product fair is held in the exhibition hall at Källnääs, where a lot of good materials for houses are shown. You can find selected suppliers and producers here. Another part of the exhibition is the "Materials Library", where you can feel good materials that are ideal for crafts and building preservation. There is also a temporary exhibition every summer. Click here to visit our exhibition webpages.


The building preservation and crafts library is an excellent specialised library with around 70 shelf-metres of professional literature, product manuals, catalogues, films etc. You can put your questions here or request an interlibrary loan or study here. The library is an important part of our work. Click here to go to the webpage for our library and search in the library catalogue.

The shop

The shop is an important learning point for visitors to Crafts & Building Preservation, where you can obtain advice and service. You can buy goods here as well as rent equipment, making it an obvious place to come to when you need good building preservation products, craft materials and advice to go with them. Click here to visit our shop.


Free advice is offered to owners of old or new houses, craftsmen and business owners and the staff members have skills in building techniques, energy solutions for old houses, cultural history, paints and painting, woodwork, metalwork and textile handicraft. You can phone, mail or, even better, make an appointment for an hour of advice. Many questions can be answered directly; others may need some research, Click here to visit our advisory service!


We organise many courses in crafts, building preservation and ecological building. Most courses are held at Nääs Slott, but some are in other places. Click here to visit our webpage on courses.


Opening hours May-Aug

Tue 11.00-16.00
Wed-Thurs 13.00-18.00
Fri-Sun 11.00-16.00

Opening hours Sept-Apr

Wed-Thurs 13.00-18.00
Sat and Sun 11.00-16.00

Closed on holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day. 

Telephone hours

Tuesday, Friday 10.00-16.00
Wednesday, Thursday:  10.00-18.00
Saturday, Sunday 11.00-16.00
Closed for lunch weekdays 12.00-13.00

Contact us

Phone:  +46 (0)10-441 43 60


Marie Odenbring Widmark

Head of Unit

Chico Hovedskov Crafoord

Customer advisor
Linda Alexandersson

Lisa Molander

Conservationist of built heritage

Ulrika Lindh

Conservationist of built heritage/coordinator
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