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Händer arbetar med att fläta pil.

Mushroom cultivation, window renovation or straw craft? The course programme at Slöjd & Byggnadsvård is varied and extensive, and many of them have themes such as sustainability and re-use of materials. Welcome - either to improve your skills or learn new ones!

Västarvet is one of the largest arrangers of courses in crafts, building preservation and folk culture. We carry out the courses in cooperation with Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan in Lerum.

Experienced course leaders

We offer a large number of one-day and weekend courses, as well as some longer courses. Course leaders are craftsmen, tradesmen and artists with a great deal of experience in their areas. Most courses are held in Slöjdseminariet and our resource centre at Nääs, but some courses are at other places in Västra Götaland.

Unique buildings at Nääs 

Nääs is close to Floda, just outside Gothenburg, and is a large green area with some unique, protected buildings including Nääs Slott, which has one of Sweden’s best preserved interiors from the late 1800s. August Abrahamson started his craft school here in 1872. Since then, Nääs has been a centre for crafts and is now more active than ever.

Please visit our Swedish pages for more information of our courses

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