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Långlivat / Long-lived

Färgglad abstrakt illustration

Our way of living, living and consuming depletes the earth's resources and causes climate change. With the exhibition Långlivat, we want to inspire recycling and gentle renovation, and call for change in terms of consumption and renovation.

Långlivat is an exhibition that shows, among other things, how circular economy is connected with building maintenance and climate-smart construction with healthy materials. What does a circular society really mean? How are our behavioral patterns and buying habits related to the climate threat, and what can we do to reverse the trend? Why is recycling and choosing healthy building materials a future solution?

Långlivat is an independent sequel to the exhibition Klimatklokt, which tours around Västra Götaland. The content is a kind of appetizer that hopefully attracts more reading!

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Updated: 2021-05-06 10:43