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800 grader / 800 degrees

utställningsaffisch, grafisk illustration av hammare och varma färger

Curious about forging? The 2019 summer exhibition tells about the malleable iron, the craftsmanship behind it and the tales that follow in its footsteps.

What is the difference between iron and steel? Is Japanese steel really the best in the world? And why did you want a virgin to pee in the hearth? Step into 800 degrees, Slöjd & Byggnadsvård's 2019 exhibition about hot forging.

The exhibition is described as a "Forging for dummies" and tells about materials, history and forging crafts without the requirement for prior knowledge. Familiarize yourself with the workshop and the tools, with the materials and techniques. Embedded in the exhibition, tales and common misconceptions about forging are presented.

Exhibition period: May 11 – October 31 2019

An english version of the exhibition texts can be downloaded as a PDF here

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