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Klimatklokt / Climate wise(2)


The traveling exhibition Klimatklokt gives you as a homeowner tips on how to save energy in the best way. We guide you to the most climate-wise solutions - those that at the same time protect the environment, your own wallet and the character of the house.

There are many different options to choose from when it's time to save energy and renovate. It can be perceived as a jungle, it is difficult to know what suits your own house best. Should I change windows, invest in solar panels, insulate the attic a little more? Climate-wise! is an exhibition that guides the homeowner from climate anxiety to keeping track of the situation.

The changing climate affects and will affect our residential buildings in several different ways. We will suffer more rainfall, and we will have greater problems with algae growth on facades and mold in unheated buildings, as a result of a warmer and more humid air.

Maintenance at more frequent intervals

For the homeowner, climate change means above all that maintenance and renovation will need to be done at more frequent intervals. Various efforts will also be required to slow down the increase in temperature. This means above all energy-saving measures, but also that we need to actively choose products and services that do not burden the environment during manufacturing and transport.

For a sustainable future

A common thread in the exhibition is the principle "improve instead of replace". The wear-and-tear behavior has today spread from gadgets and clothes to kitchen fittings and windows. In a more sustainable future, we must reduce total consumption, including when it comes to renovating and heating our homes.

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Updated: 2022-11-01 11:28