Hus i Väst

Each house is unique and every time has its ideal. Hus i Väst describe a number of common houses in western Sweden. They are located in different areas, are built at different times for different purposes - just like all houses.

Hopefully you will recognize your own house or examples of materials and techniques used in your area.

Advice and recipes

Here you will find pictures and descriptions of both exterior, interior, construction, material selection and more. Linked to the house descriptions, advice on good building care, including energy efficiency and how to best handle your windows, floors or tiled ovens. You can also download job descriptions and recipes that you can benefit from in your own renovation.

Solåsen, Hemvik, Helgeröd, Bergklinten, Talludden and Tjänstemannavillan, the residence for the official.

Here we will gradually add materials and maybe new houses. At the moment, six houses are ready - Solåsen from 1840, Hemvik from 1890, Helgeröd from 1900, Bergklinten, a 1928 villa, Talludden, a two-family house from 1949 and the residence for the official of 1959.

Updated: 2018-03-29 11:04